Gary L’Heureux takes you to the artistic city of Istanbul where the scent of Ottoman era can be felt in the artistry of the buildings, talking about Istanbul which is the only city in the world that connects the two continents together by Bosphorus Bridge (Europe and Asia).

Enjoy Vacation to Istanbul with Gary Lheureux

As per Gary L’Heureux, vacation to Istanbul won’t be a bad decision at all as the city will endure its visitors by its cultural infused tradition and hospitality of the people. Pack your bags and be ready because Gary L’Heureux mentioned some points why you should visit Istanbul for your travel trip this time.

First, if you area going somewhere you are concerned about and you are fond of eateries and have a sweet tooth then you are at the right place as the world’s famous dessert Baklava and Turkish delight will endure your sweet cravings, second is the traditional dining on the floor, breads and the restaurants by the sea including their small kahva shops with their unique kahva cups is very famous, you don’t want to miss the Grand Bazaar which is one of the world’s oldest and largest covered market and is the best place to shop for your friends and family. Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Istanbul.

Where you will be staying is not a problem anymore with Gary L’Heureux travels, Four Seasons will be the best stop to enjoy the sea nearby and beautiful scenery of the city, and after all that when you will be tired from your flight and all that travel shenanigans, Turkish Hammam would be the savior of the day which will let all your tiredness go away as you will experience a relaxing massage in their iconic steam hammam.

The best part of visiting Istanbul is viewing and experiencing the Great Ottoman Empire history, it has palaces and museums all around the city, and not to forget the mosques built by the great Sultans, of which the Blue Mosque is the most famous among them which was built by Sultan Suleman. The palaces which are must to visit is their famous Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Chora Church. Travelling Istanbul won’t be a regretful decision and to enjoy and explore the real fun of the city you would want to visit again; I can bet you.

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